Photo - c. 1960's - Aerial View - Exchange Lemon Products Plant - Sunkist

Abstract/Description: This color photograph is an aerial photograph of the Exchange Lemon Products Plant - Sunkist. It ws established in 1915 and was located on the corner of Joy and Harrison Streets on 10-9 acres. In 1958 the plant merged with The Sunkist Growers, Inc. and grew to 400 acres. In the early 1980's it ceased most of its operations in Corona because of the gradual shift of the citrus growing region out of this area. At one time 90 percent of citrus was grown in Southern California, but now (2008) 75 percent is grown and processed in the San Joaquin Valley.- MEASUREMENTS: 15 3/4" X 19 1/2" - CONDITION: Good - This photograph is kept in a protective sleeve. - COPIES: 1.
Date Created: of Photograph: c. 1960's