Photo - 1948 - Staff of Jameson Packing House

Abstract/Description: This BW photograph of the staff of the Jameson Packing House. Those identified in this picture are: Petra Cervantes, Armida, Victoria Villa, Lupe Gonzales, Mertyl, Merced Miller, Mriana, Mable, Bernice Muratore, Rose Corcelli, Jim Pallarido, Orozco, Irene Deleo, Trini Baron, Antolni Sandoval, Orozco, Antonia Hernandez, Bonnie, Pasquel, Charlie, Chava Parrez, John Cervantes, and Mimie. MEASUREMENTS: 8" x 15 1/4" - CONDITION: The problem with this photograph is limited to creases and a missing bottom left hand corner. The picture quality if good. - This photograph is kept in a protective sleeve. - COPIES: 1. NOTE: There is a handwritten list of names for some of the people in this photograph. Some only by first or last name--some are missing.
Date Created: of Photograph: 03/1948