Photo - 1927 - Special Event - Founder's Day Celebration at the Kenney Hotel

Abstract/Description: This BW photograph is a photograph of the Founder's Day Celebration at the Kenney Hotel. Two locations are given for this hotel. The 1924 directory show an address of 119 E. 6th St. and the 1927 directory an address of 121 E. 6th St. The last names of some of those in attendance are: McMillen, Mitchell, Provensal, McCarty, Kelley, Pine, Huff, Cunningham, Graves, Taylor, Chaney, Downs, Tuthill, Jameson, Marcall, Ashcraft, Baird. The full name and picture position are on a separate document. - MEASUREMENTS: 7" x 12" - CONDITION: Very good. This photograph is kept in a Mylar sleeve. - COPIES: 1.
Date Created: of Photograph: 05/04/1927