1968 - Jameson Family Photo - Eloise Jameson's 80th Birthday

Abstract/Description: This is a photostat of an 11" x 14" photograph. The pictures was taken at Lemonia Grove on the occasion of the 8th birthday of Eloise Jameson. Shown in the photograph are: (Numbers in front of the name correspond to a key.) 1. Mary Jameson, 2. Frank S. Jameson, 3. Barbara Jameson, 4. Mary Joy Peterson, 5. Walt Jameson, 6. Charles Hewitt, 7. Edith (Ann) Dunham, 8. David Jameson, 9. Ted Todd, 10. Clem Todd, 11. Jim Jameson, 12. Patsy Jameson, 13, Allan David, 14, Shirley Willits, 15. Adelaide David, 16. Mary Gard?, 17 Miriam Jameson, 18. Eloise Jameson, 19. Bernice Todd. There are also two smaller photostatic copies in file.
Subject(s): Jameson Family
Date Created: Date of Photo: 10/1968