Blueprint - 1993 - Traffic Signal Plan - Drawing 91-048T

Abstract/Description: Drawing 91-048T is a TRAFFIC SIGNAL PLAN FOR SIXGH STREET AND BELLE AVENUE and is part of a three set collection of blueprints for the 1993 Corona Public Library Expansion. SET 1: Drawing Nos. L-1 thru L-11 relate to the landscaping. SET 2: Drawing Nos. C-1 thru C-17 relate to: Demolition, site and street improvements. SET: 3 Drawing No. 91-048T is a single page relating to a traffic signal at 6th and Belle. MEASUREMENTS: 22 1/2" x 36"- CONDITION: Very Good - COPIES OF THIS PLAN: 1.
Date Created: of Blueprint Approval: 06/03/1991